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Anisa Matthews is an artist, healer, and quantum being. Words are her superpowers.

I’ve been called a ‘free spirit’ many times by my peers. While they may simply be commenting on my feather earrings and crystal necklaces, being a proud, Afro-Indigenous, free-spirited woman is so much more than aesthetics for me.

For me, freedom is a way of being, an embodiment of my whole self despite this country’s efforts to box, mitigate, and erase me. I like to think of it as a reflection of the intentional choice I make every day to embody freedom in honor of my ancestors.

Yet, the notion of ‘freedom’ and embodying it is something I’ve grappled with…

Meet Shudu Gram — the world’s “first digital model”.

You’re scrolling through Instagram, and pause at a photo from one of your favorite fashion labels. A young, beautiful Black woman stares back at you seductively, her brown skin glistening in the sun. You marvel at her clothes that perfectly hug her symmetrical, hourglass figure and admire her taste in jewelry — wait a minute, is her palm the same color as her arm? Now that you think about it, the light against her skin is pixel-perfect, and her features look like a Barbie dolls’…

She’s not real. She’s a virtual influencer — the biggest trend in the fashion and…

Anisa Matthews

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